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Do you doubt God's goodness? Are you fearful that He will judge you for your mistakes?

For many of us, we get saved and then we're told we need to do more, be better, and try harder in order for God to love and forgive us. We have even bought the lie that God is punishing us for our sins and that one day we will have to face judgment for every single mistake we make.

In The Cross Worked., Zach Maldonado explores the Scriptures about forgiveness, reward, and judgment, and dismantles the popular religious jargon around these verses, helping readers:

  • Discover the forgiveness they have in Christ.

  • Overcome their fear of God's judgment.

  • Know the goodness and love of God.

By the end of The Cross Worked. you'll understand how to enjoy Jesus and live each day with confidence!


This book is both powerful and liberating, and in its pages you'll discover the truth that really does set you free!" - Dr. Andrew Farley, bestselling author of The Naked Gospel 

Zach Maldonado is a young hero of mine. He is intolerant of any hint of theology that ties new covenant believers into doubt, shame or fear. Here, he builds a compelling argument of a salvation that cannot be unraveled. - John Lynch, Pastor, Speaker, and Coauthor of The Cure

Zach Maldonado has brought together many of the most important truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and expressed them beautifully. There are very few books that do that as well as this one, so please don’t miss “The Cross Worked.”! - Ralph Harris, author of God’s Astounding Opinion of You, President of LifeCourse Ministries.


So many Christians embrace the forgiveness of God offered in the grace of the Lord Jesus through His work on the cross, yet continue to live in guilt, shame, and fear that God is still going to judge them for their sin. In his new book, “The Cross Worked.,” Zach Maldonado helps these dear believers enter into the glory of their total forgiveness so they can experience the abundant life that Jesus offered to all who come to Him by faith. Devour this book and enter into the freedom of your birthright in Christ! - Frank Friedmann, Teaching Pastor at Grace Life Fellowship