Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

In every religion, there’s no security—no way of knowing if you’re enough and if you’ll ever do or be enough. In every major religion, you have to be obedient and live right to be saved. If the resurrection is true, as we’ve shown, then Jesus is truly the only way to God. Which is actually really good news for us. But is this fair? Why can’t there be many ways to God? If Jesus is so loving, then why not accept everyone?
Christianity is both inclusive and exclusive. Inclusive in the fact that anyone can join. Exclusive in the fact that there’s only one way to God, through Jesus, and you have to say yes. Perhaps you’ve been called “narrow-minded” for believing that. But just because we or others don’t like something doesn’t mean we need to discredit it. Let’s examine it and see if it holds up to scrutiny.
“Fair” is an opinion. What is fair? According to our standard or God’s? No one is entitled to salvation. And no one deserves to be saved. This is what makes God’s grace so unfair: it’s a free gift! And I’m putting all of my confidence in the belief that every single person will have an opportunity to say yes or no to Jesus.
If there were many ways to God, how would we know which was right? If it were based on works or right living, how would we know if we ever did enough? Christianity is the only belief system that offers salvation freely by grace. It’s not narrow-minded or judgmental to believe this, especially since our message is not a secret. The offer of salvation is not being hidden from people. God wants all people to come to repentance, and we can trust in God’s goodness that everyone will have a chance to be saved.
The gate of salvation is narrow because only Jesus saves. What’s crazy is that most people would rather earn, work for, or achieve salvation instead of letting Jesus save them. That’s the wide road of religion—performance, achieving, and striving. The narrow gate is entered by humility. We simply say, “We can’t save ourselves, Jesus, but You can.”
So why can I trust in Jesus?
As we saw earlier, there is overwhelming proven evidence about the resurrection and the early church and the Scriptures. Since Jesus is alive, then everything He said must be true. Since the New Testament is reliable, we can trust the claims it makes. Furthermore, not only did Jesus claim to be God, but He pulled it off. He rose from the dead.
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one can go to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). We can never be good enough or do enough good works to be saved. Jesus said the standard was perfection. None of us are perfect. But then He became our sin and told us that He has met the standard for us. Jesus is a gentleman, and He will never force anyone to say yes to Him. He’s pursuing the entire world, wishing none to perish.
All it takes is trust in Jesus. That’s it. Jesus will not force anyone to be saved. He is drawing people to Himself by His love and kindness. He doesn’t force people to love Him back. He wants them to freely choose. And He’s inviting everyone to a life-giving relationship that is more than going to heaven one day. It includes His love, care, and friendship with us right now. We get to come to Jesus, mess and all. He isn’t asking us to clean ourselves up or start behaving better. He’s inviting us to come and receive life—His life.
You can visit the tombs of Abraham, Buddha, and Mohammed. They are all dead.
Jesus ... well, He’s alive.

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