You are Wonderfully Made

Is there anything better than Amazon Prime? One click, and boom, your package is delivered. I can barely get to the door before I hear a knock from the UPS guy.

I recently ordered some shoes online for the first time, and I was so eager to get them. I was pumped. I rushed home from work, and there it was at my door, the Amazon box. I picked it up and rushed inside, grabbed my knife, opened the box, and—nothing. It was empty.

Throwing the box down in disgust, I thought, This box is worthless!

Just as I was throwing a temper tantrum (I still do that; don’t judge me), I heard a knock at the door. It was the UPS man with a box in his hand. Shoes inside. Apparently, someone had left an old box on my front step. Who knew?

Here’s the thing. That Amazon box is worthless apart from what it carries inside. I learned that the hard way. But when the Amazon box has something inside, the box takes on the value of what it carries.The box is made to carry something. That’s its purpose.

That’s the question many of us ask: What’s my purpose?

Just like the box, apart from Christ, we don’t have much purpose. We’re empty and lifeless. But the good news is, as believers we’re never apart from Christ. And Christ is always in us. In Him, we’ve
been wonderfully made, and we now have great value and worth. Our purpose is to have Christ in us. And since we have Him, we’re now able to be used in incredible ways. Not only that, but we’re able to know Christ intimately since He lives in us. God created us to have relationship with Him.

The purpose and goal of our life is to know Jesus. And knowing Jesus changes everything.

What is our worth? God says we’re worth Jesus to Him. He didn’t need us, but He wanted us—so much so that He sent His Son to rescue us and then infuse us with His own life. Do you realize that Christ lives in you? That may sound far-fetched, but if you believe in Jesus, then He lives inside all that you call you.

What I’m most thankful for is this: Even when we were a box without purpose, Jesus came and died for us. He came to give us meaning and value and love. He didn’t throw us aside or give up on us; He pursued us and saved us. He didn’t pick us up and throw us aside and say, “Worthless.”

Instead, He saw us, loved us, picked us up, and gave us infinite worth. He now looks at us and says, “Worthy and wonderfully made.” And because of that, He wants to use you. You’re His instrument.

I struggle with wanting to get my worth from what people say about me. I long to be affirmed in everything I do. It feels good. But the thing I keep learning is that affirmation and worth from others fades fast.

Growing up, I pursued my worth in what girls thought about me. I went from one girl and relationship to the next. They never satisfied. If anything, I felt worse. I felt worthless. Whether I was accepted or rejected, it didn’t matter; nothing made me feel worthy. I was always having to do something to be worthy or feel worthy.

The beautiful thing about God is that He declares us worthy long before we do anything for Him. God’s affirmation of our worth never fades. And it’s the only thing that will ever satisfy our need to be known and affirmed.

God’s not asking us to do things in order to be worthy. He’s asking us to live out of the worth He has given us. In everything we do, we can know we have all the value we need in Him.

I once heard a story of a speaker who held up a hundred-dollar bill before an audience and asked,“Who would like this?” Of course, everyone in the crowd raised their hand.

Then he proceeded to crumple the hundred-dollar bill in his hand. He then asked, “Who still wants it?” All the hands raised again. He then threw the bill on the floor and stomped on it and ground it with his shoe. He picked up the bill and asked, “Who still wants it?” All the hands again raised. You see, none of that abuse altered the value of that bill; its worth didn’t change based on what it had been through.

The same is true of us. No matter our thoughts, our sins, or what others might think, our value and worth are unchanging.

God is passionate about healing our hurts. He’s freed us from the damage and hurt that we’ve gone through, and He’s working to show us how He is enough in our hurt. I’ve had people I love call me things that no one should every be called. I always thought that because of that, I was damaged goods. I thought the real me didn’t deserve love. That’s why I was so good at faking it and wearing a mask around people.

I always believed that if people knew who I was, they wouldn’t like it and would treat me poorly. But what I’ve come to discover is, the real me is flawless. And although my pain and hurt is real, God’s grace and healing are just as real. No abuse or hurt can change the meaning and value God has given me—or you.

We’re brand new.

Nothing can change that. We’re made in God’s image. This means we look like God—and if He likes what He sees, who are we to disagree?

When God created the entire earth and universe, He called it good. But when God created humanity, He called us very good. You’re not just good in God’s eyes; you’re very good. So ditch the lie that says you’re bad, wicked, or dirty, and embrace the truth that you are very good!

Hearing God’s Opinion
“I took My time with you. And I didn’t get anything wrong. You’re My most prized possession. I know you’ve heard some stuff, and maybe you’ve believed lies about your body, self, or personality. But what I say about you is enough. I know that you may never perfectly believe or feel wonderfully made, and that’s okay. But you can know that I’m no liar, and you, child, are beautifully and wonderfully made.”

"I will praise you, because I have been remarkably and wondrously made."
Psalm 139:14 CSB

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